Company Profile

Backtrack Security Company Limited t is a fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured Private Security Company and a leader in high quality and effective security. Our physical security services are designed to fully integrate with your requirements, likewise to provide the maximum protection for your workers and assets. Our officers are selected for their professional demeanor, attitude and ability. All officers undergo comprehensive background screening, criminal record and fingerprint checks.

Our extensive training involves theoretical and practical courses including security planning, security and law, public relations, first aid, fire prevention and public decorum. Backtrack Security Company are prepared to politely handle and diffuse delicate situations, while taking a proactive stance enforcing client policy. Commitment to effective security and exceptional customer service is our hallmark. Backtrack Security Company guarantees all our client a safe haven for all type of asset.

Our Vision

At Backtrack Security Company Limited , We believe that real security challenges require real security solutions by competent professionals.
Our vision is to be recognized as the most professional, ethical and highest quality security company in the industry

Our Mission

Our mission and values will always go the extra mile in dealing with people, whether they are members of the public, customers, our supervisors or employees.
We will endeavor to obtain management consensus on important issues, especially those that affect our customers and employees.